Circular Looms, the star of the hand loom family, appeared in the market primarily as a tool to create seamless tubes of fabric for products that dominated the Hosiery and Plastic industries. With passage of time and advancement in technology, circular looms entered several industries, like HDPE/PP Woven Sack Industry, Fashion Industry, Shuttle Weaving Industry, and Textile Manufacturing Industry. From small jigs utilised for circular knitting to enormous high-speed machines for modern garments, circular looms serve a variety of functions in the most efficient manner. The industrial circular looms use several shuttles driven in a circular motion by electromagnets and cams to control the warp threads. Unlike olden times, the warps rise and fall with each shuttle passage. The same history is attributed to Cheese Pipes a.k.a Bobbins. As a matter of fact, circular looms and cheese pipes have become extremely vital to manufacturers and traders, especially HDPE/PP Woven Sack Industry.

Armstrong, one of the best suppliers and exporters of industrial machinery and spares, offer several spare parts of circular looms for Lohia Corp, Starlinger, and GCL. The same holds true for cheese pipes/bobbins. Unlike its competitors, Armstrong deals in premium quality components which are made from polyurethane and other metals. The aforementioned metals not only ensure durability and reliability of the products, but also add tensile strength to the final product. Secondly, the products are manufactured in highly equipped workshops housing the latest CNC machines which are handled by extremely competent engineers. Thirdly, the presence of a Development Laboratory allows Armstrong to stay ahead of the competition in terms of product improvement and development. The constant improvement and development of products not only ensure easy availability of spare parts, but also a wide range of the same. Fourthly, the polyurethane roller covering facility is provided with a computerised dispensing machine. Inclusion of automation in machines acts as an extended advantage. Expert quality control makes Armstrong’s circular loom spare parts and cheese pipes a one-time investment for manufacturers and traders.

Thus, unmatched quality, expert engineering, and easy availability of spare parts make Armstrong your ideal choice for cheese pipes and circular loom spare parts!